Global Fair Trade & Organic Agricultural Projects

Who We Are – What We Do

Serendiworld is the family of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps’ sister companies, that produce Fair Trade & Organic (FTO) raw materials in rural areas of Africa and Asia. The concept for Serendiworld dates back to 2005 when Dr. Bronner’s decided to take control of the social and environmental impact of its growing demand for agricultural products — the items one needs to make high quality natural soap. These include coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil.

In late 2005, Dr. Bronner’s committed to start buying the vast majority of its agricultural raw materials from responsible producers using fair business practices as verified by their certification to FTO standards. Since then, Serendiworld has built up three FTO farming and processing operations in Sri Lanka, Ghana and Kenya. Serendiworld supplies high quality FTO raw materials to Dr. Bronner’s and other select companies, such as Rapunzel, GEPA and Weleda. These companies are committed to the idea that fair and sustainable trade can effect positive change.

It is Serendiworld’s mission to model Fair Trade business practices through our production of high quality FTO product. Currently, our work benefits over 10,000 farmers, workers and their families worldwide. It demonstrates that agricultural production and processing in rural communities can be a powerful tool for sustainable development — and we would like it to inspire other companies to consider a shift to a more responsible supply chain.

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Oil: The Difference Fair Trade Makes

Serendiworld’s basic Fair Trade rules are simple:

  • Farmers are promptly paid a price that allows for a fair profit;
  • Farmers receive training and support to improve soil fertility and productivity;
  • Farmworkers and production workers earn a living wage, work under safe conditions and enjoy social benefits;
  • Farmers and workers are treated with respect and dignity; and
  • We cooperate closely with host communities and invest in their development, funded by a Fair Trade premium.
Since 2007, our Serendipol project in Sri Lanka has been a pioneer in producing FTO Coconut Oil for cosmetics and soaps.
Our Serendimenthe project in India worked with over 500 smallholder farmers who supplied mint oils to Dr. Bronner’s from 2007 – 2014.
Since 2008, our Serendipalm project in Ghana supplies palm oil to Dr. Bronner’s and several other committed Fair Trade companies.
Our SerendiKenya project in Kenya now expands our capacity for FTO Coconut Oil and helps to develop rural areas of the country.